Printable No Smoking Signs

Free Printable No Smoking Signs

Is your business, institution or home overrun with incorrigible smokers? State laws and city ordinances have seriously curtailed the areas in which smoking is permitted. But perhaps it is too much to ask to expect smokers to know off the top of their heads where they are and are not allowed to partake. A simple “No Smoking” sign can solve the problem, however. And you’re in luck! Because you can download the template for just such a sign from our website. Stand up for your right to clean air by posting these official-looking printable no smoking signs that say in no uncertain terms that your space is a non-smoking zone.

How to Use the Printable No Smoking Signs

  • The Printable No Smoking Signs are available from our site at absolutely no charge! Just click and download: It’s that easy.
  • The sign template can be customized to suit your needs at the click of a mouse.
  • The template is created with the express purpose of being easy to use! You don’t need any special computer skills or graphic design chops to take full advantage of it.

Tips for Using the Printable No Smoking Signs

  • A good rule of thumb to use when posting signs announcing prohibitions is the following: The more official the sign looks, the better.
  • We recommend that you use a high-quality ink cartridge to achieve the boldest colors.
  • You might consider laminating and even framing your Printable No Smoking Signs. This contributes to an official look.
  • This can also help protect the signs from vandalism. Unfortunately, vandalism of this type of announcement sign is a common problem.
  • Don’t hesitate to print out a few signs and place them around the area in question. Don’t be shy! You are protecting yourself and whoever visits the space in question.
  • Keep in mind that it is both important and permissible to make it clear that smoking is not allowed in both private property and public spaces where it is prohibited by law.

Download: Printable No Smoking Signs

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