Multiplication Table Worksheet

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A multiplication table worksheet helps students learn multiplication tables. With all the technology available, this tool is still one of the best ways to teach or learn multiplication tables. Parents and teachers alike are still using worksheets to supplement learning how to multiply.

How the Multiplication Table Worksheet Teaches

Having students fill in a multiplication worksheet helps them to memorize multiplication tables. The teaching tools technology tends to create lazy learners. There is no short cut to memorizing multiplication tables. Using a fillable worksheet, students learn by filling in the blanks, using visual and mechanical tasks to help the brain memorize multiplication tables. Once the tables are committed to memory, all types of math become simpler to learn.

How to Save the Multiplication Table Worksheet

  • First, find the worksheet on our web site.
  • Next, locate the button to download the worksheet.
  • Save the multiplication table worksheet on your computer.
  • Open the worksheet using your favorite program.
  • Edit the worksheet to create a custom learning tool.

Using the Multiplication Table Worksheet

  • Once the worksheet is downloaded, open it and remove random answers. Have the students fill in the blanks with the answers.
  • Try removing just the multiples of single tables to teach specific tables. Start by removing the ones table and continue to the tens. Have students work the single tables until they have committed them to memory before moving on to the next table. Once all tables are committed to memory, challenge the student by removing all the answers. They will amaze themselves by how fast they learn their multiplication tables.
  • Use the worksheet as a “crutch”. Print the worksheet with all the answers showing. Allow students to use them as reference when working multiplication problems.

While technology such as computers and calculators are useful to solve problems, memorizing multiplication tables is becoming a lost art. For students who are having trouble with basic math skills worksheets that are physically filled in by the student is still one of the best ways to help students commit math problems to memory.

Download: Multiplication Table Worksheet

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