Box Multiplication

Box Multiplication


Would you like to help your child work on their multiplication problems at home, or even give them a head start on learning how multiplication of two-digit numbers works? You can use this handy, free box multiplication worksheet to guide your child through the multiplication process in a logical, visual way.

This worksheet allows you to use any multiplicative combination of numbers from 1 to 99, then go through the process by splitting it into four easier multiplication problems: the tens digit multiplied by the tens digit, the two tens digits multiplied by the other numbers’ unit digits, and then the unit digits multiplied by each other.

Box Multiplication as Alternative to Drill Methods

In school, your child might just have to multiply two-digit numbers by rote drill. If he or she is having trouble, wouldn’t it be better to show your child a way to visualize the multiplication of large numbers by breaking them down into their units?

This is multiplication the way speedy “human calculators” do it, multiplying the large, round units first and following up with adding on the left-over segments. It logically follows from the way students are taught to multiply single digit numbers.

Easy to Use Controls Produce a Chart

When you want to set up a multiplication problem in the box multiplication worksheet, just use the arrows or type into the boxes in the upper left to produce the appropriate problem.

The chart will instantly form, and you can then choose whether to show the answers or leave it blank. A blank worksheet can easily be printed out so your child can fill in the chart independently, or so that you can work alongside him or her more comfortably. Just click the “Show” button to see the answers and check them against your work.


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