Basic Math Exercise

Basic Math


Are your children doing addition and subtraction at school, but having a hard time without materials with which to practice outside of class? Would you like to be able to give them a basic math exercise so that they can improve and have fewer academic worries, without having to figure one out yourself?

This Excel template will help you help those you love, without the hassles of writing countless problems.

Easy to Use Randomizer

To make thousands of unique math worksheets, just enter a number in the “Teacher” tab of this file. Just push “Enter” and the page will fill with dozens of new addition and subtraction problems and answers, involving up to four digits. If you print out the “Class” tab, your child will instantly have a brand-new basic math exercise without any visible answers.

After your child is done, you can compare the answers to those shown in the “Teacher” tab of the file and check his or her work, without having to fill the sheet out yourself.

Flexible for Both Home and Classroom

This worksheet can be used in a classroom setting just as easily as at home, saving time when you need to focus more on other parts of the lesson plan. It’s convenient when one student needs extra practice to catch up with the rest of the class, or for teachers who want to give their students different worksheets to discourage cheating.

There’s no need to worry about forgetting which number you put in to create the randomized basic math exercise, as the number is shown discreetly in the corner of every student paper. If you want to save trees, the “Class” tab can be projected on a board or electronic whiteboard, letting your students all work at once without using excess sheets of paper.


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