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Not all grade school kids like solving math problems and keeping them focused enough to finish their work can be challenging. Teachers sometimes need to find ways to make it fun. Children do love mazes and would likely pay more attention to finishing their assignment if it seems like a game to them. The math maze games template consists of the numbers that are divisible by 3. Children go through the maze finding the correct answers until they reach the finish line. This template is customizable and easy to use. It is available for download on this page and it is free. The template is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 or later.

How to Use the Math Maze Games Template

  • Download the template file to your computer and save it. Find and open the file to customize and add any details you want.
  • There are two pages included in the file. The first is a math maze sheet you hand out to the students to solve and the second is the answer key for the game.
  • Before printing out the sheets you can enter a line to have students write their name on the paper and turn them in when they are done.


Tips for Using the Math Maze Games Template

  • Since the math maze games template is easy to customize you can decide to edit the number fields and create new ones for using other factor numbers.
  • You can make the game longer by adding extra lines with more numbers or you can copy the maze and paste it under the first one to create a new game. One can be the factor of 3 the other maze can be for the factor of 5.
  • Teachers can make it more interesting and give out treats for all students that complete the work on time or offer not to give homework if all answers are correct.


Using the math maze games template is a fun way to get students motivated and finish their assignment. Use the maze game in the classroom or give out as homework assignment.

Download: Math Maze Games

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