High School Diploma Template

Free High School Diploma Template

High Schools can always appreciate ways to save money and be more creative at the same time. One of the top things schools use to recognize students are various certificates and awards. The most popular and common is a High School Diploma. One can opt for a downloadable, free high school diploma template that can be found right on this page. It is not only easy to use and understand, it can be customized in many ways to truly make the final diploma one that looks and says exactly what any public, private, charter or even home based school would ever want.

Benefits of the High School Diploma Template

The high school diploma template is very easy to navigate and thus is easy to use. This allows anyone to change the colors, fonts and add the phrases, school name and students name as they see fit. It makes the high school diploma template ideal for those schools that do not want the traditional and commonly found diploma; but would rather have one that is truly unique and specialized.

Tips For Using the High School Diploma Template

The best way to truly make a great looking and well worded diploma is to keep a few tips and tricks in mind so the final result will be one the school is proud to present and the student is honored to receive.

  • Change the background and border color to match the school colors.
  • Spell out the full name of the school in the notes area.
  • Spell out the full name of the student and then double check to verify the spelling is accurate.
  • Add the full name of the state where indicated and not use the state abbreviation, this makes the diploma look more formal.
  • Add the date of the graduation ceremony where a date is to be inserted.
  • Print the diplomas on good paper and at least two to three weeks before the graduation ceremony.
  • Read and review all diplomas for accuracy.
  • Have the appropriate parties sign the diploma where indicated and use the school seal or stamp where indicated to further add to the formal look of the finalized diploma.

Download: High School Diploma Template

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