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Librarians are always pleased to see students proactively borrowing books. However, for many schools, keeping up with the hundreds of students that are borrowing can be cumbersome. A library card is an excellent way to keep the line going smoothly and verify the student’s registration to your school. This library card template is available for downloading from this site, and it is free. 

You will find yourself using this library card template repeatedly. Students lose their cards. They may have a name change. Using this easy template is the most affordable way to replace the cards. You can customize this template in Excel. It can be used as a student ID card as well.

How to Use the Library Card Template

  • Download the template and save it to your administration folder.
  • Save it under a useful name you will remember.
  • Input your school’s name, complete address, and phone number.
  • Save this again as your template.
  • Each time you generate a new card for students, save the file as their name and identification number.
  • Input the student’s photo in the picture and save it.
  • Print this card out on cardstock and laminate the card to keep it crisp.

Tips for Using the Library Card Template

When a student comes in to create their first card, you can choose to save their individual card. Another tip is to create a database or link this template to your schools database. This way, you can automatically link the template to the student’s record. This will pull their emergency contact info and student ID. 

If you are using this library card template to be used as a student identification card or club card, you can choose to omit the ID number. Replace this with the club name, such as Student Activity Council or Photography Club. 

If your school does not have a large server to save the photos, consider saving the entire file to an online storage location. 

The library card template found here makes it easy for schools and organizations to create and manage their library and other identification cards. 

Download: Library Card Template

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