Academic Calendar Template

Teaching is a lot of work; you have to grade papers, broaden minds and stick to a schedule of topics to teach. It can get stressful, but to help with that stress you can use our academic calendar template. You can use this template to schedule your lessons, assignments, due dates and plan the entire year.

How to Use the Academic Calendar Template

This calendar template can easily help you plan the entire school year out.

  1. Fill out the major event for the academic year: midterms, holiday breaks, finals, report cards, professional development days, etc.
  2. Look at the calendar, plan how for in the curriculum to get each month. It is easiest to go from broad to narrow. After each month, divided into weeks.
  3. According to the curriculum, plan out large assignments: papers, projects, and tests. Write out the due dates on the calendar.
  4. Continuously reference this document and make adjustments throughout the year.

Why is an Academic Calendar Template Helpful?

You have so much to teach your students in a year. You have to plan and prepare a schedule is you want to really impact and teach your students. The academic calendar template is a great tool to help organize your plans and lessons. On one document you can have the entire year planned out.

Plans do not always work; the great thing about this template is that you can adjust it according to your needs. Once you set a plan, it is not final. If your students do not understand concepts of World War II, you can adjust the schedule to spend more time on it.

The best way to handle stress is to organize. As a teacher, you have to have a certain amount of material to cover each year. This calendar can help you organize that material so you know you get your job done properly. This template, along with hundreds of other templates, calculators, spreadsheets and other helpful tools on this site, is completely complimentary.

Download: Academic Calendar Template

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