Report Card Template

Academic Progress Report Template

Teachers and students alike have to keep track of their academic progress. It is the jobs of the teacher to make sure they have all of their grades in order and to provide assistance to students who many not be doing so well. It is the responsibility of the students to keep track of all their grades so they know exactly where they stand in class. In order to keep organized and up to date, an┬áreport card template can be an asset to both parties. Teachers will love the fact this template can be downloaded instantly below and it’s completely complimentary.

Uses for the Report Card Template

This template can be found right here and is a template for the Excel program. A teacher can customize the categories to properly fit the student they are working with, the subject they are teaching, and the grades that the student is receiving. Since teachers have to report on a large number of students having a template set up can save them time. This report is easy for students and parents to read and understand since everything is summarized in one report.

report card template

Benefits of the Template

This report template is available right here. It can be downloaded for free and saved on the computer. Since it uses the Excel program, it can perform the functions that Excel offers. This is beneficial when having to average out grades. The spreadsheet will take care of the calculations for an accurate answer. The template can be updated as needed when more grades are added and more assignments are given.

This template can be printed and given to the students and their parents so they know their grades at any given time. The academic report can be pulled up and printed from the computer as often as needed. The teacher is able to keep a copy for their records as well to monitor the progress of the students.

This template is one of a number of free resources available on this site for teachers and for teaching classes.

Download: Report Card Template

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