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Time Card Template Microsoft

The time card template from Microsoft is your all-in-one payroll office solution. Its easy-to-read format and customization options make it the perfect tool for keeping accurate records in your payroll department. The Microsoft time card template is available as a free, instant download here at ExcelTemplates.net. Simply click on the link available on this page to begin using the template today!

How to Use the Microsoft Time Card Template

The time card template comes in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Before delving into the document, keep in mind that all elements of the template are completely customizable. You can make additions, subtractions and alterations however you see fit to make the document all your own.

The first step in filling out the Microsoft time card template is to include general information, such as the employee’s name, address, phone number and email, as well as the manager’s name. Next, input the final date of the work period.

The body of the Microsoft time card template includes spaces for all seven days of the week. Again, this can be changed depending on your company’s days of operation. Continue filling out the time card template by adding the employee’s regular hours, overtime hours, sick time and vacation time.

The time card template also acts as a calculator. After the information has been entered, the totals hours will be added up at the bottom of the time card. Next, add the rate per hour to reveal the total amount of pay for each employee.

The final step in completing the Microsoft time card template is to have the manager and employee sign and date the document to indicate no mistakes have been made and the correct amount of hours and pay has been documented. The sheet can then either be saved to a computer or printed off for easy-to-read paper records.

Download the Microsoft Time Card Template for Free Today!

Making sure every employee is properly compensated and happy can do wonders for the environment in the workplace. Ensure your payroll department is error-free with the time card template from Microsoft. Download the Microsoft time card template instantly for free right here from ExcelTemplates.net today!

Download: Time Card Template

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