NCAA Double Elimination Bracket

If you want to gear up for March Madness the only tool you’ll ever need is the NCAA Double Elimination Bracket. This bracket template is perfect if you’re planning on playing tournaments using a double elimination system. This free template will guide you through the setup steps one by one and to make things even easier, you can read a comprehensive guide below. You can use this template to get a leg up on your competition and predict the outcome of games based on past and current statistics of your team and their opponents. Be prepared for basketball this season by downloading the free template below.

How to Use the NCAA Double Elimination Bracket

After you have clicked the link at the bottom of the page, you can start customizing the document to suit your needs.

First, select the number of teams you want to track in your double elimination tournament. This is helpful if you are a little late in the season. Simply click on the link from the list on the “Instructions” tab of the document.

You can also select if you want to track your teams by their seed number and if you want to show game numbers as well (both are recommended).

Once you select the number of teams you’ll be using, the link will take you to the appropriate page in the template. After you find the right page, the rest is pretty straightforward. In the bracketed areas “Name of Team”, enter your teams according to their seed number.

After they compete with their opponents, you can advance the winning teams until the final round of your double elimination tournament.

There is also a section at the bottom of each page to place the losing teams for their final game.

Organize your basketball tournaments this year by using the NCAA Double Elimination Bracket to store and update data after every round.

Download: NCAA Double Elimination Bracket

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