NCAA Bracket Sheet

The NCAA Bracket Sheet is your ticket to success this year. Simply download the template below and you can begin customizing your bracket and top picks for the upcoming season. This template was designed for you to choose your best teams and face off against 4 of your best friends in your own home tournament. This document allows you to track every game of the season and even points for each player’s teams. Download the free NCAA Bracket Sheet below by clicking on the link provided.

NCAA Bracket Sheet Guide

Click on the “Bracket” tab located in the bottom left corner of the page. This is where you’ll enter the teams of every game according to their seed number.

The far left and right sides of this sheet have space for all 64 teams. Start your NCAA Bracket template by entering them all in these spaces. You should be able to find a current seeding list online.

When all the teams have been entered, proceed to the “Tracker” tab. All the players you entered in the other tab will be placed in the “Match-ups” column and set to face off against their first opponent. Simply find the first game’s team and enter the information for each column after the game is over.

In the following columns, you’ll be able to enter the winner of the game, the team each player picked to win and the actual results of their team’s points.

Scrolling down the list, you’ll notice that as you move down the page, you can continue to enter this information in the next rounds until the final match between the last two teams.
Remember to update the winning teams in the “Bracket” tab as well. This will help organize the information in your “Match-ups” column.

Take March Madness in your hands by downloading this free template to help predict the outcome of each game and compete with your friends for fun.

Download: NCAA Bracket Sheet

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