Simple To Do List Template

To Do List Template

Don’t forget what you need to do by using this to do list template. This simple to do list sheet is straightforward and to the point. You can prioritize your tasks in numerical order and enter status titles with this Excel to do list, as well as track your overall progress. This to do list template was designed for ease of use to help you improve task management.

You can use this to do list in Excel to enter in all of the jobs/tasks to be completed or simply print out the to do list template. There are multiple uses for this Excel to do list, including daily, weekly or monthly projects. What you decide to use this to do list template for is up to you. You can modify this to do list in Excel by changing the layout and adding new formulas, columns or rows.

Download our to do list template for free today. If you are looking for other productivity templates in Excel besides this to do list template, peruse our library of free Excel templates for other useful productivity templates. You can download this free template below.


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