Employee Warning Letter Template

Free Employee Warning Letter Template

Within a company or business it is important to maintain a standard of positive performance. Employees must be made aware of what these standards are in order to successfully remain a member of a team or company. Often times, an employee may not understand completely what is expected of himself or herself. That is why when an infraction or issue arises within a company, expedient measures should be taken to clearly outline the issue or issues, at hand. By sending your employee an employee warning letter you are taking the steps necessary to ensure professional courtesy and understanding as an employer.

You can download a free, easy-to-use Employee Warning Letter template here! By downloading this Employee Warning Letter template you are ensuring that when issues arise within your company, you can take the steps necessary to correct them in the proper manner.

Tips on Using Your New Employee Warning Letter Template

Within this employee warning letter template you must first indicate your company name, and input your designated logo. This ensures that your employee understands who the report is coming from immediately. Under the heading, “employee warning report” you must indicate to whom this report is being sent. Fill out the employee name, employee ID, their job title, the manager of the company or department, the department, the date, the type of warning and the type of offense.

Try to be as concise as possible when indicating the type of warning and type of offense. You will have space to go into further detail below. For instance, if it is the first warning that this employee is receiving, you can input, “Offense 1” for type of offense and “Preliminary Warning” for the type of warning. Underneath, you can describe the infraction and what you deem necessary to correct it. Indicate the consequences that will take place if the employee does not correct the infraction. For instance, if termination will follow, indicate it here.

Finally, there is a space for the employee to indicate he/she received the letter and understands the contents. The employee and employer can sign and date the report for future reference. There is also a designation for a witness (optional) in the employee warning letter template.

Download your free Employee Warning Letter Template here, today!

Download: Employee Warning Letter Template

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