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Free Inventory Count Sheet

Having an inventory count sheet is very important for any business, and it often makes sense to have these printed out in bulk. Some people may prefer to create their own inventory count sheet, but it can be a lot easier to get the Microsoft Word template and customize it to meet your needs. This material inventory sheet is available for download at the Microsoft website, free of charge, and works with Word 2007 or later. All you have to do is download the document, open it in Word, customize and print.

Using the Inventory Count Sheet Template

This physical inventory count sheet has all of the necessary information already added, such as sheet number, performed by, date, and department. Above the inventory list, there are columns for inventory number, item description, purchase price, quantity, and location of the item. These columns can be customized, added to, deleted and renamed at your convenience. It is also possible to add the company name and logo to the top of the inventory sheet, which provides a nice touch of personalization.

Do you want to spend time trying to create your own template? Or would you prefer using a blank sheet of paper that is difficult to read and understand? The best way to increase business efficiency is to have lists that are thorough, easy to understand, and uniform throughout the business. This inventory count sheet will help you achieve all of those goals. The sheet can be printed 100 or 200 times, ensuring that every department of your business has ample copies to write down their daily, weekly and monthly inventory.

Some companies may want to customize the inventory count sheet based on the items they are recording. For example, long term inventory that is only replaced once or twice a year can be included in one list, while monthly inventory is listed separately. The list that would be updated most often would be a list of daily and weekly items.

If you are looking for an inventory count sheet, the Microsoft Word template available for free is your best bet. It is a free download, the product is easy to use, and it will add a professional quality to your inventory lists.

Download: Inventory Count Sheet

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