Home Inventory Spreadsheet Template

It’s important to keep track of your personal belongings in case of flood, fire, or theft. You want to make sure you have all the details about an item, but where do you start? With so many things to keep track of in the average home it can be difficult to remember all this information. The Home Inventory Spreadsheet is a great way to document all the things that matter to you and quickly replace anything that’s lost.

Home Inventory Spreadsheet Instructions

Once you have successfully downloaded the file below you can start to understand how the easily the template breaks down the necessary information. You’ll be able to log all your items into the inventory sheet by clicking on any cell then typing in your own information.
There’s only one tab for all your items to make logging your inventory quick and painless. Start by entering your contact information in the top-left corner and then your insurance information in the top-right.

After you’re done entering all of the above contact information you can begin logging your personal items. The template provides a structure that’s easy to follow. In the first column list the room where your object is commonly located and a brief description of the item.

When the main information is entered you can start to list detailed information. The template provides a space for: the date you bought the item, the store, a warranty, the initial price, its condition, the estimated current value, the model and serial number, a section for notes, and a place to store photos of the item. Everything your insurance company will need is conveniently located in this document.Once the template has been filled out you can print as many copies as you’ll need. Simply click on the tab titled “File” in the top-left corner and select “Print”. Be sure to store each copy of the Inventory Ledger in a safe location other than your home, in case of fire or flood.

Best Reasons to Use the Inventory Spreadsheet

By using the Home Inventory sheet you have all the necessary tools to recover from loss as quickly as possible. Inventory isn’t just a word; it can have significant meaning to people that cherish the memories that coincide with their personal belongings. Don’t forget a single item with the Home Inventory Spreadsheet!

Download: Home Inventory Spreadsheet

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