Equipment Inventory Template

Free Equipment Inventory Template

Business owners and accountants know that you must monitor your assets carefully and according to a strategic plan. A thorough, clear Equipment Inventory Template shows you everything you need to about all your equipment’s conditions and financial statuses. Download our free, customizable template and start organizing your equipment right away.

How to Use the Equipment Inventory Template

Our Equipment Inventory Template is easy to use and can be modified to meet the specific needs of your business. The template allows you to create all kinds of reports so that your data gets put to immediate use. A quick look at the financial information about any piece of equipment can help you make budget decisions. The template adjusts easily to include the information you need to run your office.

Get to work right away with the Equipment Inventory Template. The template is arranged for equipment type, condition, location and description. The Accounting and Financial Status part allows you to set up a depreciation schedule for budgeting purposes. Some tips for getting started:

  • The template allows you to enter all the information about all pieces of equipment, including vendor, location, make and model, and years of service left.Because this is an easy-to-use template, you can import that information right into the template.
  • Track financial information like down payment, loan status, loan rates, monthly payments on debt principle and operating costs, and total monthly costs.
  • Add information about the expected value of any piece of equipment at the loan’s end.
  • Add information about customers or lessors for rental equipment.
  • Break down total depreciation vs. monthly.
  • Note the current value of any piece of equipment.
  • All this information can be used when preparing financial statements or in your yearly budgeting process.
  • Customize the template as you see fit with information about next steps, sales, repairs or insurance information.
  • Organize and produce reports for shareholders and management easily.

This template adds value to your business. Keep track of your equipment and it’s value easily with the Equipment Inventory Template.

Download: Equipment Inventory Template

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