Event Budgeting Excel Template

Event Budgeting Excel Template

Planning an event can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Keeping track of all the expenses associated with the event can also be incredibly difficult. An event budgeting Excel template will allow you to itemize all your expenses and see exactly what you be required to spend.

The event budgeting Excel template is perfect for an upcoming event, gathering, party or work conference. No matter how big or small the event is, this template is sure to be able to meet all of your budgeting needs. Business owners will love the fact that this event budgeting Excel template can be downloaded instantly and it’s 100% free.

Using the Event Budgeting Excel Template

The event budgeting Excel template is split up into three worksheets. The first worksheet is for expenses.  The major categories on the expense sheet include:

Event Budgeting Excel Template

  • The Event Site
  • Decorations for the Event
  • Publicity Associated with the Event
  • Refreshments
  • Programs Associated with the Event
  • Prizes to be Awarded at the Event
  • Miscellaneous Costs Associated with the Event


Within each category is a set of subcategories. For example, within the “Site” category are sections for room and hall fees, site staff, equipment, and tables and chairs. Once the costs associated with each subcategory are input, the financial requirements will be automatically calculated.

The second worksheet is reserved for income calculations. Here is where you’ll determine the estimated total income and the actual total income. The four categories in the heart of this worksheet include: Admissions, Ads in Program, Exhibitors/Vendors and Sale of Items. This worksheet also serves as a calculator and will instantly display the financial figures once the information has been correctly input.

The third worksheet is the Profit-Loss Summary. This sheet employs a color-coded bar system to reveal the estimated and actual costs. It will clearly display the total profit or loss the event generated.

Using all three of these worksheets will help ensure that your event will go off without a hitch. It’s just one of the hundreds of free templates, calculators and spreadsheets available in an effort to make life easier.

Download: Event Budgeting Excel Template

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