How to Write a Resignation Letter

Learn How to Write a Resignation Letter

People decide to leave their jobs for a litany of reasons every day. Whether it’s for better pay, better hours, better opportunities or just a better overall quality of life, the prospect of resignation is something most will face more than once. Part of leaving on good terms is giving your employer ample notice of your decision. This is usually accomplished with a letter of resignation, and knowing how to write a resignation letter is critically important so that you don’t burn any bridges when it’s time to move on.

Continue reading below to learn how to write a resignation letter and how templates from Microsoft can expedite the process.

How to Write a Resignation Letter: Helpful Tips

The first step in learning how to write a resignation letter is remembering to give you employer plenty of notice. In most cases, two weeks advance notice of your departure is acceptable. There may be instances in which you will be asked to train your replacement, and two weeks to do so is generally enough time.

The next thing to keep in mind in learning how to write a resignation letter is to keep things positive. You never know where life will take you, so it’s important to wrap up your tenure on amicable terms. There are times when you may be so happy to escape a job that you’ll sprint out the door, but these are not thoughts you will want to include in your letter. Instead, thank the company for the opportunity and wish them luck moving forward.

Remember when thinking about how to write a resignation letter to keep things professional and respectful. No matter what level of frustration you’ve reached with your situation, keep things courteous. After all, this is one of the final documents you will submit to the company and there will be plenty of time to rejoice once you’ve clocked out for the final time.

How to Write a Resignation Letter: Use a Complimentary Template

There’s no doubt that writing and submitting a letter of resignation can be an awkward process. However, you can make the actual act of writing the letter easier with the resignation letter template. With a letter of resignation template, you simply plug all your information into the ready-made document and you can be finished faster than you will be on your last day on the job.

Learning how to write a resignation letter has never been easier thanks to these templates from Microsoft. You can download them in seconds and print them just as quickly. These templates are available at no charge courtesy of

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