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The recipe template from Microsoft combines technology with the time-tested way of logging your favorite recipes. It’s user-friendly to the point that even computer novices will have no issue navigating the recipe template and its many incredible features. The template will also save you money for buying ingredients, as you can download it instantly from this page for free.

Start logging recipes that will last for generations with the recipe template from Microsoft today!

About the Microsoft Recipe Template

The recipe template comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft. Anyone with basic knowledge of Microsoft or Excel should have no problem utilizing the template. The recipe tracker is split into three tabs. The first tab explains how to use the template. Here, you will learn:

  • How to use the recipe tracker
  • How to add your own recipes to the template
  • Data entry tips
  • What to do after you add recipes

This tab also includes a link if you don’t know how to filter your data in an Excel spreadsheet.

The next tab on the recipe template is titled recipe contents. Here, you will add an online link for the recipe if applicable. You will also add the recipe name, the rating, the recipe category, its tags and any special comments you would like to add. You will continue this process until all of your favorite recipes appear. Once a recipe has been created, a new tab will appear at the bottom of the template containing the title.

The next page on the recipe template is titled category setup. This is where you will list all of your recipe categories. As designed, the categories include appetizer, beverage, bread, casserole, dessert, kid’s kitchen, main course, salad, sandwich, side dish and soup. This, along with all the other aspects of the recipe template, can be completely customized to best meet your needs.

Download the Recipe Template from Microsoft for Free Today!

Passing down recipes from one generation to another is a time-honored tradition shared by millions of families. Take the tradition into the digital age with the recipe template from Microsoft. Download and save the Microsoft recipe template for free from today!

Download: Recipe Template

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