Holiday Gift Coupons

Free Holiday Gift Coupons

A personalized gift coupon can be a wonderful and creative gift. If you think carefully about the recipient and what service he or she would need or want that you can provide, you can give a gift that is more precious than a candle or some new bath salts. This is also a nice option for children, or other people who are low on funds but who still want to give a nice gift. Even when giving a non-material gift, packaging counts, and with this free holiday gift coupons template, you can create professional-looking gift coupons for your friends and family.

How to Use the Holiday Gift Coupon Template

  • Download the Holiday Gift Coupons Template.
  • Open the template document in Microsoft Publisher and save it with a file name that will make sense to you later.
  • Fill in text fields with information with the name of your recipient, your own name and a special message. The graphic can be easily changed to suit the holiday, you will find more clip art in Microsoft Word.

Tips for Using the Holiday Gift Coupons Template

  • A fun idea for a graphic could be a picture of you doing the service you are offering. You could have a friend take a picture of you doing the dishes or raking the lawn, and add that to the coupon. This will be funny and show that you put some time and effort into making the coupons.
  • Some ideas for some general Holiday Gift Coupons are: babysitting, household chores, yard-work, doing the shopping for the week, doing the cooking for the week, booking travel arrangements, taking the car in for an inspection,
  • If you happen to have a job with special skills, you can offer Holiday Gift Coupons which utilizes those skills. For instance, a yoga instructor can give a free yoga lesson, or an acupuncturist, a free session. Even if you are not a professional, the right recipient might enjoy a knitting or sewing lesson. If you know that the recipient enjoys a certain dish you make, you can offer a cooking lesson.
  • Remember that presentation is important! After you print out your Holiday Gift Coupons, put it or them in a decorating envelope. Or if you are giving a lot of them to one person, punch a hole in the corner and tie the stack with a pretty ribbon.


Download:  Holiday Gift Coupons

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