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Free Coupon Template

A special offer or discount is a great way to catch the eye of new customers and drive sales for your small business. It can be costly to have special coupons printed up, especially when you don’t know how many you’ll need. With the coupon template, available on this website for free, you can print handsome, professional-looking coupons right in your small or home office, in any number you need.

How to Use the Coupon Template

  • Download the Coupon Template from this website for free.
  • Open the template document in Publisher and save it with a file name that includes the date and something about the offer itself.
  • Click and fill in the fields available with information with the name of your company and the details of the special offer. The fields can be deleted or customized to your company’s needs.


Tips for Using the Coupon Template

  • You may wish to put “one per customer” somewhere on your coupon to prevent the coupon being abused.
  • Coupons work best for local, neighborhood businesses.
  • Remember to take stock of your finances and only offer a discount that you can afford. Coupons and the discounts they engender are a marketing expense. In addition, you may wish to use coupons sparingly, because you do not want your old customers to feel like they are not being treated as well as your new, coupon-driven customers.
  • You may also want to use coupons to encourage repeat business. It can be nice to include a special coupon in with a customer’s order. With this coupon template, you could even print a coupon that is in line with your customer’s projected needs, or that addresses something you and that customer may have discussed in the past. This kind of personalized service is what helps small businesses succeed over large corporations.
  • Coupons are more about marketing and getting your company’s name out there than making money. Customers are less likely to throw away a coupon that could save them money than a flyer that lets them know a new business is in town. Be sure your company can handle any new business that comes its way due to the success of your coupon!


Download: Coupon Template

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