Basketball Party Invitations

Free Basketball Party Invitations

Whether it’s for March Madness, a child’s birthday, a school basketball playoff or just fun, basketball party invitations are the right way to get the party started. Set the tone for the upcoming celebration by sending out basketball party invitations that reflect the theme of the gathering and give guests an event to look forward to. Make the celebration even more fun by encouraging guests to wear their favorite team apparel. Download the free and customizable invitation template from this page and get ready to have fun!

Benefits of Using the Basketball Party Invitations Template

  • The template is absolutely free and can be downloaded directly from this page.
  • It features the basketball themed saying: “There’s madness in the air.”
  • It can be customized to allow for personalization of all event information and provides room for a special message to the guests.
  • The template is fun to design and easy-to-use.
  • It is available directly from the computer. This means there is no trip to the store to purchase expensive invitations.
  • They are designed to work with Avery products 3379, 5315, 8315 and 8317.
  • The invitations fold to a size of 4.25 x 5.5 inches (A2 size).
  • Two invitations can fit on one page to maximize paper space.
  • Since they can be downloaded onto the computer, they are ready to be printed as soon as they are complete to allow for immediate delivery.


Things to Include on the Basketball Party Invitations Template

  • The name of the party’s guest of honor.
  • The date, time and location of the event.
  • Any driving directions or maps to the event site.
  • A personalized message that gives the reason for the party.
  • Special instructions for the event, i.e. whether it’s a surprise party, finding a carpool location, parking information, etc.
  • The name and contact information for RSVP’s and questions concerning the party.
  • Any team apparel, team logos or team gear that should be brought or worn to support the basketball theme of the party.
  • Information regarding any food or drink items that should be contributed.
  • Any other special messages, instructions or facts that pertain to the party. This might include information on the weather at the event location, tips on the type of clothing needed, or any special items, such as sunscreen, that might be useful.


Regardless of the reason for the event, basketball party invitations will be sure to set the tone for the celebration and get the guests ready for fun!

Download: Basketball Party Invitations

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