Halloween Costume Party Invitations

Free Halloween Costume Party Invitations

Halloween costume parties are often the best social event of the fall season. A costume party is a good excuse to get creative, do some decorating, and try to show off a little bit with a great costume. If you are going to throw a costume party, you are going to need memorable Halloween costume party invitations that give an enticing hint of what’s to come.

Store bought invitations just won’t do. You need an invitation template that you can customize digitally so that you won’t waste your time writing in the event details on every single invitation. Many costume parties have contests or outings attached to them, and a good digital template should be customizable enough to add in all of that information. This template fills all your needs, and also has a spooky graphic on the front that does a good job of invoking the spirit of the holiday.

How to Use Halloween Costume Party Invitations

  • Download the template right here. It’s totally free.
  • Open the template in Word 2003 or later. At this point, you can customize the template. You can add more graphics, fill in your party invitations, or add a URL to the internet page for the event.
  • Print the invitations on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. The invitations are economical and print 1 per page. Wait for the ink to dry.
  • The invitations fold into 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards.


Tips for Using Halloween Costume Party Invitations

These Halloween costume party invitations are meant to be customized. You can take advantage of that to make your invitations very helpful to your guests. You can add directions to the event location. You can make an event website or social network page, and then add a QR code or html link to the invitation. If the party is going to move from a bar or restaurant to a home, add a map of the area to the back of the template. Add costume contest details. If this is an annual event, add a picture from last year’s party. The trick to making Halloween costume party invitations successful is to make them helpful, memorable and enticing.

When folding the invitations, it is good practice to use a straight edge tool (like a ruler) to make the folds straight. Folding is always faster with friends.

Download: Halloween Costume Party Invitations

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