Astronomy Event List

Some of the greatest sites to see that are literally out of this world; the Astronomy Event List can help stargazers track the most exciting events that are coming up on the calendar. If you’re tired of missing meteor showers or some of our neighboring plants coming into full view, then this template is the perfect tool for you. This document simply provides a free space in which to track these events in the easiest way possible. With this template, you will never miss a single astronomical event ever again. Just continue reading the information below for more details and learn how to use the document as well.

Astronomy Event List Instructions

To download the free Astronomy Event List file, all you will need to do is follow the link that we have conveniently provided for you below.

Now, to get started you will enter the name of the upcoming event in the first column. You can find these with a simple search or maybe you saw information about one on Facebook, wherever you see it, just list it in the first column if you’re interested in going.

The next few columns of the template help you organize the details. You will need to list the date, start and end times, as well as some information about the best spots to view these events.

In the “Location in the Sky” section in the Astronomy Event List, you can list the direction the event is headed, the latitude, and longitude, as well as the name of the event itself.

The last item on the list is for leaving yourself any convenient notes about the event. This could be anything from the equipment you may need to notes about the location you choose.

When you have completed your list you may print the document by clicking the link and selecting “File” then “Print” at the top of the page.

Download: Astronomy Event List

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