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Cell phones are great because they allow us to talk to whoever we want, wherever we want. All of these perks come with a few cons and these can be avoided with a no cell phone sign template. No one wants to hear your loud and obnoxious “lion roar” ringtone.

You can get a highly customizable template that is available for free on this page. This template will be very easy-to-use and print out for you to use on your own. It is downloadable right here and you can have it saved to your computer within seconds.The no cell phone sign template is not a large file, so you should not have to worry about having space on your hard drive available.

How to Use the No Cell Phone Sign Template

  • First, make sure that you have the right software to operate the no cell phone sign template. It will be worthless if you can not even access it.
  • Second, set your printer up to print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. This will ensure that the signs get printed correctly.
  • Third, make sure the printer is connected properly. After you do that, get some thick white paper to insert into the printer and print the sign out.

Tips for Using the No Cell Phone Sign Template

  • First, make sure that you find something to attach these signs with. This can be anything from double-sided scotch tape or thumbtacks. Choose the right method for your situation.
  • Second, make sure the signs will be big enough. If the template is too small for you to work with, consider enlarging the template into one bigger image.
  • Third, you will want to get a white colored paper to print these out on. If you get something that is not purely white, it will look discolored and unattractive. You want these to look attractive to the people that will be looking at them.

In conclusion, you should follow these steps as closely as you can. This will ensure that your signs will get printed out in no time. The final step for you would be to post them anywhere that you do not want the loud noises of cell phone ringtones.

Download: No Cell Phone Template

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