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Free Test Sign Template

Testing is a very important part of education, employment and many private organizations. To be fair and accurate, the testing site should be calm and without any distractions like loud visitors. The easiest, most cost effective, professional way to ensure your testing will be free of noise and interruptions is to download and use this free, simple test sign template.

The Test Sign Template is Easy to Use

The test sign template actually is as easy as it sounds. Simply download the template from this page. You only need to click and save, no credit card is needed because the template is absolutely free. Unless you have it set up otherwise, your new template will go to your “Downloads” folder, ready to customize and print. After printing, the standard sized 8″ by 11.5″ print out sign will fit into clear sleeves for door hanging.

Now that your test sign template is downloaded, you can customize it to your specifications. The graphics, text and margins are up to you entirely. Would you like to put the time of the test or the location on the sign? Just open the template with a click. Scroll down to the text option. Choose your font, letter size and enter the appropriate time/location in the text space. Press CTRL + P and decide between “portrait” and “landscape” print options.

You will have plenty of room in your computer for all your other free templates. The test sign template only requires 1,131kb for file storage and runs with any computer supporting Word 2007 or later.

Importance of the Test Sign Template

A test requires the student to have complete focus. Even a single knock on the door can cause a student to miss a question, get an incorrect answer or lose valuable minutes. A hand written sign may be ignored because of the informal nature of it. Just take a few seconds to download this free, simple, professional template and you could be improving scores in your classrooms immediately.

Download: Test Sign Template

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