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Free Employee Status Report

Every business needs to keep track of their employee’s work performance. You should have some way to communicate to both the employees and to the supervisors exactly how each employee is doing. Now you can with this Employee Status Report. It is easy to use and it is completely customizable to fit with your individual business needs. Best of all, it is downloadable right here on this page and it is absolutely free to download.

How to Use the Employee Status Report

  1. Download the Employee Status Report to your computer right here off of this page. It is easy to do and is completely free.
  2. Save a copy to your hard computer. You will most likely want to use it again in the future.
  3. Customize the fields to fit the needs of your employees. Each business is different and so is each job position. You may want to make several different versions.
  4. Print out your Status Reports and review every employee. This will help you create a more deficient and productive workplace in the future.
  5. Keep the Reports on file so that you can view improvements from the last evaluation that you did for your employees.

Tips For Using The Employee Status Report

  • Try to include both positive and negative feedback for your employees. They will appreciate hearing about what they do well and will try to make improvements where they are lacking.
  • You should perform evaluations using the Employee Status Report periodically. Every six months or every year are great times to do this.
  • Make sure that your feedback is accurate. Listen to what the employees supervisor has to say and use that information when you complete the Status Report.
  • Make sure that your employees understand how they are performing, both the good and the bad. Maybe give them a copy of the report to review and think over.

You can help your employees be the best that they can by using this Employee Status Report. It is easy to use, completely customizable, and is completely free to download. Get yours right here today.

Download: Employee Status Report

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