Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview Form

The key to running a successful company or business is and has always been feedback! Often times, employers overlook how important it is to keep their employees happy. After all, a positive work environment starts from the ground floor. Happy consumers and customers have a direct correlation to responsive, helpful and happy employees. The same goes for product development. Happy and satisfied employees display better work performance and overall attitude.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees must move on to a different venture and leave a company behind. There are many reasons for the move but ultimately, it is a great benefit to the employer to understand why the employee left. Whether it is for a better opportunity, personal reasons or directly in response to a negative experience at their present company, understanding why an employee is terminating their employment from a company is important.

You can download a free, easy-to-use, Employee Exit Interview Template here, right now! By downloading this Employee Exit Interview Template you are ensuring that you are taking the proper steps in understanding the needs and wants of the employees within your company.

Using Your Employee Exit Interview Template

There are fifteen questions indicated on the template. The employee can indicate why they are leaving the company in full detail to the employer. Next, they can indicate to the employer what steps can be taken to improve the company or workplace environment. Several questions thereafter allow the employee to indicate whether or not they felt valued at the company and whether they felt they were an integral part of the business.

Within the Employee Exit Interview Template there are also questions that allow the employee to indicate whether they felt while at the company there was a level of professionalism upheld by the company and the employee’s superiors. Finally, there is an area where the employee can indicate, in depth, the benefits they would have wanted the company to offer.

By using this Employee Exit Interview Template when an employee chooses to leave your company, you are ensuring that you can improve workplace relations as well as company morale and teamwork.

Download your free, easy-to-use Employee Exit Interview Template, here!

Download: Employee Exit Interview

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