Customer Satisfaction Survey

Free Customer Satisfaction Survey

A well written, concise Customer Satisfaction Survey will gather the information you need and not confuse or frustrate the customer. This template will show you how to make a survey that will be clear to the person filling it out and give you relevant feed back concerning your performance or product. A good Customer Satisfaction Survey will show the strengths and weaknesses of your organization or company. All you do is download, customize and save or print.

How to Use the Customer Satisfaction Survey

A free tool to help identify a satisfied customer or to warn you of a possible unhappy client is invaluable in any industry. This Customer Satisfaction Survey template is safe and easy to download from this page plus it costs you nothing. Just a few seconds to download and you can customize with your company logo, accurate dates, manager or employee/team names and any pertinent information. Customizing the text is as easy as clicking the field and typing your desired text. The most common questions regarding customer satisfaction are already in the template with simple “check-the-box” answers.

Knowing how your customers feel about your efforts can help improve customer service. A simple Customer Satisfaction Survey can show any flaws in your strategy or if there is a problem with a certain project. Responses to this customized Customer Satisfaction Survey can be helpful in research and development to streamline any future projects with the current or different clients. It can also indicate which employees may need evaluation or retraining. If your client has some issues or questions with the finished project you can use the survey to respond with a follow up conference with the customer and project team.

An important reason to submit these surveys to customers is to let them know their opinion is important to your company. Every business wants to make certain the client is happy as this creates customer loyalty and may generate referrals as well. Many good ideas are brought to one’s attention by customers and surveys are great ways to share ideas and bring closure to the project.

Download: Customer Satisfaction Survey

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