School Cost Comparison

School Cost Comparison


Using a school cost comparison will allow both the student and parents to see not just the academic side of various schools. These show how they compare in terms of a decades long potential debt for the graduate and his or her family.

An excel template can be worth far more than purchased tools or those provided by college guidance counselors. Just having the luxury of increasing the size of a cell to include all pertinent information makes these a superior method.

How Can A school cost comparison Save Money?

Three types of worksheets are used to analyze collected college data. One is a Cost Comparison Worksheet which lets the user consider all costs of attending a college rather than just a tuition comparison. Costs of incidentals may vary a great deal as some schools require expensive dorm contracts while others include free passes to public transportation.

The second is a Financial Aid Comparison Worksheet which will simply display clearly the amounts of funds being provided by different schools. There is a difference between money made available for public versus private educational institutions. Only when looking at these comparisons on the same document can a person make a good educational decision.

A Last Step Before Deciding: school cost comparison

The final of these is called the Gap Analysis Worksheet and uses all available data to find out how much of a shortfall in funding to expect. The cost of a school to the aid anticipated ratio can be a surprising number.

Some very expensive schools can be cheaper when scholarships and grants are factored in while public schools may have little in the way of financial aid. Using a great excel template is one very efficient way to organize facts and simplify a very difficult decision.


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