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Free project proposal template

The first step in getting a business proposal off the ground is to have an effective presentation that outlines the project’s costs, what is needed to implement it, and its benefits. A good project proposal can be used to motivate investors and impress supervisors with your vision and project planning skills. Using the Project Proposal Template on this page will help you to explain what the proposal is and will outline the steps needed to complete it.

How to Use the Project Proposal Template

The free, downloadable project proposal template on this page can be customized for any proposal you have. To use it, follow these simple steps:

  • Gather all the information you will need for the proposal and enter it into the appropriate slide. Some information, such as project description or objectives, will be written by you. Other information, such as timelines or cost estimates, may require input from fellow employees or outside contractors who will perform the work.

Slides include:

Project Description – Brief statement on what the project is about.

Scope – Define the projects length, short or long term, and what areas it will involve or resources involved.

Objectives – State what the project hopes to accomplish.

Deliverables – Give concrete items the project will produce.

Success factors – Discuss outside influences or actions that will help or prevent successful completion of the project.

Implementation details – Estimate a projected timeline of the project and who is responsible for each step.

Performance measures –Detail how progress on completing the project will be evaluated.

Risk management –Explain how costs will be monitored to prevent overruns.

  • Organize the slides in the most logical manner for presentation.

Tips for Using the Project Proposal Template

  • Completing the PPT Proposal Template will help to organize what is needed to initiate a new project. Use the template to outline the resources and possible timeline for project completion.
  • Use the template to inform investors or business managers of project goals and how success will be measured.
  • Use the timelines, deliverables, and performance measures outlined in the PPT Project Proposal Template to evaluate progress on a project.
  • Use the template as a devil’s advocate. Review the material you’ve created and ask questions that may come from potential investors or supervisors.


Download: Project Proposal Template

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