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At some point in every transaction, every potential customer will ask a business how much the product or service they are interested in purchasing costs. Quickly answering this question may make the difference in whether the potential customer becomes an actual customer. Possessing a price list for a business’s products and services can make answering the customer’s questions about cost easier. The use of a product price list template can make generations of the list simpler.

How to Use the Product Price List Template

  • First, personalize the template with appropriate business information such as name, logo and contact information. Remember to save the template at this point. This result becomes the basic list for the business.
  • Second, gather the information you will put into the price list. Be sure to gather the product titling as it would be shown on an invoice and descriptions of the products to be sold.
  • Third, enter the information into the template product by product. Remember to fully fill out each line from product coding and description to price. Save frequently. The initial entry of the products and services into the product price list will be time consuming.


Tips on Using the Product Price List Template

  • First, remember to print off a couple of the price lists to show potential customers. Keep at least one to keep for personal reference for emailed and phone queries.
  • Second, remember to keep the price list up to date with regular reviews. If a product has been discontinued, make sure it has been removed from the list. If a product or service has been added, likewise add it to the price list.
  • Third, memorize the prices of the top selling items on the price list. The top selling items are also the items on the list about which you will be asked most often for. Re-memorize those prices when the prices change.


Every customer will want to know the price of the product or service they are purchasing in advance. A business should be able to easily give the customer a price. To be prepared for that event, a business develops a product price list. The use of a free product price list template can make building the list easier.

Download: Product Price List

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