Monthly Paycheck Calculator

Employers who pay their workers on a monthly basis will love this 2009 monthly paycheck calendar, which calculates withholding amounts for an employee per month. If you need help dealing with state and federal withholding when planning out your monthly paycheck calendar, download this easy Excel template today.

At the top of this monthly paycheck calendar, you’ll see the employee’s gross pay, or the amount he is paid before any taxes or other amounts are taken out. Employers can then set up an employee’s exemptions in the column below that amount, and this monthly paycheck calendar spreadsheet will calculate deductions that must be made.

The free paycheck calculator lists the employee’s net pay, along with all the deductions and taxes that were withheld. As you’ll see, this monthly paycheck calendar is not only complete, it is also easy to read and understand. Please note that it is only designed for situations in which employees are paid once a month; employers who pay their workers semi-monthly should not use this monthly paycheck calendar Excel template.

This free paycheck calculator will make payroll a breeze and minimize the amount of time you have to spend figuring out paychecks. If you need a monthly paycheck calendar to help you figure out your employees’ salary, you’ll find that this Excel template is exactly what you’re looking for. It calculates and summarizes each employee’s pay with its free paycheck calculator function.

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