Excel Template Marketing Budget Planning

Excel Marketing Project Plan Template

Marketing is a critical component to the long-term success of any business or company. Keeping track of the marketing expenses is an unenviable task, but it’s one that absolutely must be done for several reasons. With an Excel template marketing budget planning is made a painless process.

All of the crucial information regarding your marketing budget is laid out right in front of you. You will be able to see and track every cent the company has paid for marketing purposes. The template is available for instant download and it’s completely complimentary.

Excel Template Marketing Budget PlanningExcel Template Marketing Budget Planning

The Excel template marketing budget planning tool includes two worksheets. The first worksheet is the actual marketing budget plan. Here is where you will crunch the numbers for all your budgeting needs. There are categories for the estimated quantity you will need, the estimated cost per unit and the estimated subtotal. There is also an area reserved for any notes you may need to make.

The categories in the heart of the marketing budget plan include:

  • Research
  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Event
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations


Perhaps the best part of the Excel template marketing budget planning tool is the fact that it also serves as a calculator. The estimated subtotal will be automatically calculated once the estimated quantity and cost per unit has been input. The estimated marketing grand total will be revealed at the bottom of the worksheet once all the totals have been added and calculated.

The second worksheet is the budget plan chart. The budget plan is broken down into a pie chart. The categories within the chart include research, communications, networking, event, promotions, advertising and public relations.

Both of the worksheets are completely customizable. They can easily be altered to cater to the specific needs of your business or company. Any pre-loaded information that you do not require can simply be deleted and removed. Conversely, information that you don’t see that you do need can easily be added. This template is one of hundreds that are available on this site that are designed to help you with business needs.

Download: Excel Template Marketing Budget Planning

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