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Free Media Advertising Template

When your business relies on advertising, it helps to have a system for analyzing how much you pay vs their effectiveness. With this free advertising plan template, you can categorize and tally those expenses on a monthly and annual basis. You can reach crucial decisions much faster when you don’t have go searching for the data. The advertising plan template presents vital information at a glance.

The Versatility of Excel in the Advertising Plan Template

As with all Excel spreadsheets, this advertising template has features that are versatile and able to be used by anyone from novice to advanced programmer. Change the column or row sizes, re-label them, add specific formats to different cells or delete them. You can make a printable report using spreadsheets that can include graphs or 3 dimensional pie charts. There are several different fonts and colors available to make your work look top-notch. With advanced programmers, there options for integrating multiple spreadsheets or exporting your work to MS Word and MS Publisher for print and web publication.

Easy-to-Do Applications of the Advertising Plan Template

  • Log advertising budgets separate and compare. Monthly tracking helps you keep an eye on cost increases.
  • Compare ads effectiveness to sales and look for patterns. Be able to pick up trends and react quicker with the info a spreadsheet can reveal.
  • Print, e-mail or share data easily with excel

Advanced Functions for the Advertising Plan Template

  • Make graphs and charts using data brought in from multiple sources.
  • Make linked spreadsheets that automatically run formulas when the data changes.
  • Make advertising dollars go further with close monitoring of a certain media’s effectiveness.

This template is available to all users of Microsoft Excel. It is easily downloadable and ready to modify once you get it. You will find this among many other great templates that can be used for business, personal organization, project management and financial management. You may find that this template integrates well with others listed at the sight. If you are in need of a way to organize your advertising expenses, try using the free advertising plan template from Microsoft.

Download: Advertising Plan Template

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