Family Reunion Invitations

Free family reunion invitations

Families should get together every once in a while. This need is especially true for large extended families living far apart. To get the family members all together, a family reunion is planned. Once the reunion is planned, the organizer needs to send out family reunion invitations. Making the invitations to send out can be simplified by the use of a free template for Word for making cards.

How to Use the Family Reunion Invitations Template

  • First, download the template and save it. Then change the template with the name of the family and the year of the reunion on the front.
  • Second, gather and count the number of addresses to which the family reunion invitations are to be sent. This template generates two invitations per sheet of paper. Divide the number of addresses by two. The result is the number of sheets of papers one needs to complete the task. If there are an odd number of addresses, round the division up one.
  • Third, print off as many of the invitations as needed by the count of the sheets of paper. Cut the invitations apart. Address them and send them off with time allowed for a response.

Tips on Using the Family Reunion Invitations Template

  • First, remember this template covers the front of the invitations. Do not forget to fill in the details of the invitation on the inside of the cards. This addition of the details can be done using another Word template or by hand. If this addition involves a second template, delay cutting the invitations apart until the information is added.
  • Second, remember to include a response card in the envelope with the invitation. The response card is to be separate from the invitation on a separate piece of paper.
  • Third, this template is actually a good place to start for other types of reunions in addition to family reunions. A high school reunion or a general gathering for the fall would be aptly served with the tree symbol on the front of the invitations.


Families need to gather together regularly. This gathering together is a party to be celebrated. To ensure the family has something to celebrate, all the members must be invited. The use of a family reunion invitations template can make the invites easier to make.

Download: Family Reunion Invitations

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