Christmas Newsletter Template

Free Christmas Newsletter Template

A Christmas newsletter template is an excellent option and an easy way to create a reminder to friends and loved ones that they do have a special place in your family’s heart as the year quickly comes to an end. Creating a Christmas Letter can be difficult, time consuming and expensive, but we are offering a FREE Christmas newsletter template on this page.

We have taken advantage of creative experts to help create this customizable template that can easily be downloaded and updated and personalized with your message and personal photos as well. The great thing about this easy-to-use template is you can download it right here on this page and use it to customize to your content.

Using the Christmas Newsletter Template

Customizing the form is easy. Simply follow these steps.

To Customize Text & Titles:

  • Click to Download the template by clicking on the download button
  • Open up the downloaded document in Microsoft Word
  • To Customize the text, Double Click and highlight the words, delete them and replace them with your text (Titles Can be re-sized to accommodate the amount of text inserted)

To Include Personalized Photos:

  • Select the sample photos and delete them by pressing delete or backspace button
  • Select the insert photo and insert the photo you want to use in your Christmas Newsletter Template (png and jpgs tend to work best for image types)
  • Item can be re-sized or cropped by grabbing the corners

These are some of the basic steps included in helping to customize your Christmas Newsletter Template to make it your own. You are not limited on how much you can change it. You can add pages, remove pages, whatever you wish. A template is just a great way to begin without having to look at a blank page, which can be really intimidating in the first step to completing your Christmas Newsletter.

In your Christmas Newsletter Template you are not stuck to only including text and pictures or the allotted sizes – you can easily click to allow the adjustment box pop up and you can re-size it by clicking on one of the corners. The ultimate recipe is to have fun in your creation!

Download: Christmas Newsletter Template

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