Team Meeting Agenda

Team Meeting Agenda Template

Whether a management team or a study group, when people get together to discuss certain topics most want to know what the meeting plan is. A team meeting agenda provides that information, and can serve as an invitation to those who should attend and provides a tool for moving the meeting along. Anyone who has lead a meeting that ended without covering everything could find this team meeting agenda template helpful.

How to Use the Team Meeting Agenda Template

Begin by downloading our easy-to-use, free team meeting agenda template on this page. This template is designed to be reused and customized as often as desired so save the original somewhere memorable. Next, select the various items surrounded by ellipses [ and ] on the team meeting agenda template. These are the spaces where customized information will go. Replace these with specific information for the organization and meeting. Unused areas do not have to be used and can be left blank, filled with an “NA” or “Not Applicable” note, or, for those who know how, removed from the form.

Once completed, save a copy with a meaningful name in case later changes are necessary.

Tips for Using the Team Meeting Agenda

  • List the Presenters from top to bottom in the order of their presentations so people can tell when their presentations will be coming up
  • Choose a format for the Time Allotted and remain consistent to avoid confusion.
  • If the group will not be using Time Allotments, a good practice is listing Presenter in the order of importance for the topics covered. Verify the order with the Facilitator.
  • The team meeting agenda can be used as an invitation for people who need to attend. Add their names to the document and deliver a copy to them with a brief note that they should contact the facilitator with any questions (or whatever the company’s policy or preference.)
  • Many teams including their agenda with their official notes as part of their proof of what was discussed in the meeting.
  • Keep completed agendas in a single folder at a single location. This gives a common reference point. And these old documents become templates for repetitive meetings with only minor changes.


Meeting agendas are a simple, effective means of managing meetings. And this template gives a simple and effective means of creating them.

Download: Team Meeting Agenda

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