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Are you struggling with payroll? Then use our free time card calculator for Excel. It is a simple Excel template that gives you the ability to calculate an employee’s hours and payroll in a snap.

Finding the Right Time Card Calculator for Excel

The first step is to choose the right time card calculator for your needs. There are four options: Basic, Overtime Weekly, Lunch and Overtime Monthly. Use the basic time card if you are simply looking to calculate an employee’s pay for a standard 40-hour week. The overtime weekly time card can be used to calculate the employee’s pay when he or she has worked more hours than 40. The lunch time card can be used to subtract unpaid lunch breaks from the total time spent at work.

Using the Excel Time Card Calculator

Once you have chosen the right time card calculator for Excel, it’s simply a matter of entering data into the template to produce the desired result. Enter the time that the person logs in to the system in the left column, and enter the time the person logs out of the payroll system in the right hand column. Enter the person’s hourly rate in the hourly rate box. In other words, all you need to do is to replace the red sample information with your own.

When entering lunch breaks, it is essentially the same process except you should enter the time that lunch starts and ends in the middle columns.

When calculating overtime pay with the overtime weekly Excel sheet, the spreadsheet will automatically consider time spent during lunch breaks and time spent working beyond the normal 8-hour day. Again, all you must do is to replace the red data.

The monthly timesheet is similar to the weekly timesheet except for the fact that it requires you to calculate the time spent at work for each of 4 weeks. All timesheets will calculate the total amount of payroll due at the end of the pay period. Once this has been completed, you will be able to find out how much was earned in total.

Download: Time Card Calculator

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