Writing Workshop Lesson Plan Template

Screenshot of the Writing Workshop Lesson Plan

It takes a great deal of preparation to conduct a writing workshop. Teachers and instructors know that gathering all the materials they plan to use and keeping everything organized can be quite a challenge. Teachers will also need to find a way to monitor the progress of a student during the course of the class or workshop. The easiest way to stay organized while also charting the progress of students is by using a writing workshop lesson plan template.

This template can be used for any type of workshop, and it’s perfect for teachers of any grade or comprehension level. The template is printable, customizable, instantly downloadable and completely complimentary.

Filling out the Writing Workshop Lesson Plan Template

The writing workshop lesson plan is exceptionally easy to use and understand. The template is broken down into six categories:

Screenshot of the Writing Workshop Lesson Plan template

  • Writing
  • Writing Objective
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Reading Objective
  • Shared Reading
  • Poetry and Fluency


There are individual columns for the days of the week, beginning with Monday. While the template is primarily designed for a regular school week or workshop, it includes Saturday and Sunday in the event you teach weekend courses, summer school or your child is home schooled.

To use the template, simply type in or write down what the focus of study will be with the corresponding day. For example, if you wanted to teach your class or workshop about short vowels on Monday, you would go to the “Phonics and Spelling” column and input the curriculum for that day. If you wanted to read a story to a younger audience, input the book title into the “Shared Reading” section on the corresponding day.

This process will be repeated to lay out the lesson plan for the entire week. One way to make good use of the template would be to use a color-coded system to denote importance. For instance, if reading a story is not a top priority, note it in blue text. If a writing test is on deck, change the text to red to signify it’s of the highest priority.

There are hundreds of ways to make the most out of the writing workshop lesson plan.

Download: Writing Workshop Lesson Plan Template

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