Blank Lesson Plan Template

Blank Lesson Plan Template

A teacher has a lot to do. They have to develop the lesson plans, present the lessons to students, control students and classroom behavior, grade assignments, communicate with parents and many other responsibilities. With all the work a teacher has to do they should not have to worry about formatting lessons plans each week. Excel has a program that can save teachers valuable time. There is a blank lesson plan template a teacher can customize and use over and over again. The lesson plan template can be downloaded instantly for free below.

Uses for a Blank Lesson Plan Template

Since this blank template is on the computer, it can be changed and used each and every week. A teacher can to customize the format of the lesson plan as well. Each time they write new plans they can go in and make changes as need. While the goals of the lesson may change, the formatting of the plans do not.Blank Lesson Plan Template

If a teacher is teaching the same state standards in more than one lesson they can save this on the template and change the other sections as needed. For teachers that have to write plans more than once, the format can be used for each class. This template can also be used by student teachers who are pressed for time.

Keep Track of Lessons with a Lesson Plan Template

Since the blank plan is on the computer the teacher can save each lesson that they write. This makes it easy to go back and pull up a previous lesson if needed. A teacher can also type in notes in the template about what worked well in the lesson and what sections needs some improvement. The template can be printed out and used as a reference sheet during class. The blank template allows a teacher to save time writing lesson plans and have more time for the actual planning and delivery of the lesson.

This lesson plan template is one of several free and helpful resources for teachers available on this site.

Download: Free Blank Lesson Plan Template

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