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Being a teacher requires a lot of work. You’ve got papers to grade, parents to conference with, worksheets to create and books to locate. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to design a good template for lesson plans on your own. There’s no need to add one more things to your to-do list.

Use this Science Lesson Plan Template to help you prepare for class.

To use the template, start by identifying your overall topic and what dates you will be teaching. Find the correct field and key in this information. Next, divide the topic into manageable chunks. To do this, you will need to consider how long your science class will be, and how often it will be taught. For instance, you can cover more material in an hour than you can in a half hour. You will also need to factor in time for review. If you are only teaching science once a week, you will need more review than if you teach it every day.

Let’s assume that you are teaching science every day for 30 minutes a day, and that your topic is teeth. Perhaps you could cover what teeth are made of, how they function in digestion, how they need to be taken care of, and leave a day or two for some activity or experiment.

Stay organized with this Science Lesson Plan Template.

Once you have your topics chosen, it’s time to fill the fields for the topic you plan to cover. Fill in the appropriate field on the spread sheet. Then you can get add details. Start with a clear objective. One popular objective planning device is SWBAT: students will be able to. Identify a clear objective for each science lesson, and key it into the appropriate place on the template.

Science Lesson Plan Template from

Now that you have your topics and objectives, you can move on to your review. You should begin each lesson by reviewing what the students already know. This can be what you learned in a previous lesson, or it can be exploring what the students know about a topic you’ve never discussed before. To go back to our teeth example, you might start by asking the children what they think their teeth do. You can then use any correct information they give you as a jumping-off point for your lesson.

Next, use the template to plan the meat of your lesson. Here is where you will reference the page numbers of your resources. That way, even if you are absent, a substitute can still cover the material.

Last, you need to assess whether the students learned the lesson, or achieved the objective. Maybe your objective is that students will be able to properly brush teeth. Test this by asking each student to bring a toothbrush and let them brush away. You can use the Science Lesson Plan Template to plan an assessment each day at the end of your science lesson.

Download: Science Lesson Plan Template

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