School Survey

A school survey is perfect for administration to hand out to the parents of the students. The survey can go over a variety of topics and ask parents how they feel about certain matters. They will have the option to choose anything from strongly agree to strongly disagree. This will help give the school information on the areas the parents feel needs to have improvements. 

How to Use the School Survey Template

  • At the top of the template, you will need to put the school’s name, the date, and a note to the parents explaining what the school survey is for.
  • There will be a space for the parent to place the date they filled out the survey, the grade their child is currently enrolled in, and what their teacher’s name is.
  • The areas of service is listed on the left side, and the quality rating is listed on the right side.
  • The first section shows the overall impressions of the school.
  • The second section of the survey shows the schools resources.
  • Next, the life skills training section is covered on the survey.
  • The last section is listed as behavior.

Tips for Using the School Survey Template

  • The school survey is currently listed as two pages long and has a variety of sections.
  • The sections can be changed or edited to fit the school that you are needing the survey done for.
  • Once you receive the surveys back, you will have a general idea of what parents are looking for in the school and what they like. This will help your school to become better each year.
  • There is a section available for the parents to leave any additional comments for things they may have in mind that were not covered in the survey. This is a great way to help keep parents involved in the school system that their child belongs to.

For a free school survey template, be sure to click on the download button right on this page. The template is easy-to-use and is 100-percent customizable. Be sure to download the template today in order to get the answers you’ve been looking for in regards to your school.

Download: School Survey

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