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Hexagonal Printable Graph Paper

Living in the digital age has made daily tasks and activities much easier for most. Many tools used just a few years ago during the course of our daily activities have now been rendered obsolete. One thing that may never go unneeded by most in society is printable graph paper.

The paper is so versatile and serves so many functions that it’s unlikely the world will ever go without it. The printable graph paper available here can save you time, money and at least one trip to a paper supply store.

The printable graph paper can be downloaded instantly at absolutely no cost. In addition, there is no limit and there are no restrictions on the amount of graph paper you can download or print off.

Types of Printable Graph Paper

Hexagonal Printable Graph Paper

Graph paper differs from regular paper or notebook paper because it includes fine lines that make up a grid. As opposed to other forms a paper, graphing paper serves a veritable litany of fun, useful and exciting purposes. The lines on the grid can be used for drawing diagrams, plotting experimental data or mathematical functions.

For decades, graph paper has been available in notebooks or in loose leaf form. However, fewer and fewer stores are carrying fewer and fewer forms of graph paper because of advances in technology. As opposed to purchasing a book or stack of graph paper, people choose the convenience of downloading and printing off the single sheet they need.

There are three different types of printable graph paper featured here on this site: traditional, hexagonal, and triangle or isometric.

Traditional graph paper displays hundreds of squares on a single sheet. Standard squares on a traditional piece of graph paper are ¼ of an inch. Traditional is the most used and most popular of all the graph paper. It is predominately used by students in math classes or by working professionals. This paper is also great for drawing, sketching or doodling.

Hexagonal paper differs from traditional graph paper because it features hexagons instead of squares. Hexagonal graph paper is typically used for mapping geometric tessellated or tiled designs. Hexagonal paper can be used for math projects and for creating games. It is also used by quilt makers to create patterns, as well as computer gamers to create game navigation.

As opposed to traditional and hexagonal graph paper, isometric graph paper uses a series of three guidelines forming a 60-degree grid of small triangles. The triangles are then arranged in groups of six in order to create hexagons. Use of this paper can give off the impression of three-dimensional or 3D views. Also known as triangle paper or 3D paper, isometric paper is ideal for drawing accurate angles. It’s also perfect for trianglepoint embroidery.

The three types featured on this site merely scratch the surface of graph paper that’s available. Engineering paper, logarithmic paper, normal probability paper and polar coordinate paper can all also help you with your mathematical, artistic or entertainment needs.

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