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A football squares pool is typically run during the biggest game of the year: the Super Bowl. However, this type of pool can be run during any NFL or college game at any point in the season.

Running a squares pool is much easier with a free, printable blank sheet. The information published below is exclusively for entertainment purposes only.

Types of Football Squares Pools

A football squares pool utilizes the score at the end of quarters, the first half and the full game to determine a winner or winners. While the Super Bowl is the most popular game for these pools, the national championship game in college football is also perfect for this type of contest.

There are a handful of different types of squares pools. The most common form involves a 100-square grid. In this contest, all 100 boxes need to be filled by players. Participants are free to select as many boxes as they want, but if money is involved, the return on investment may not be so great with the more boxes you purchase.

Other football squares pools involve 25 and 50-square grids. The concept of both grids is the same as the 100-square variety, but players have more chances to win because they are given more numbers to work with. These pools are also easier to run because the person in charge doesn’t need to recruit as many participants.

No matter which type of football squares pool you decide to run, the number coordinates should be generated at random so no one is given an unfair advantage. Fill up the boxes first before determining the corresponding teams and numbers.

These pools are a lot of fun and make each and every play of a big game count. Even if you only do it once a year, this contest will get everyone involved and add a little more excitement to “Super Sunday.”

Download: football-squares

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