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excel gradebook template

Teaching students is only part of the job requirements of a teacher. Unfortunately, as a teacher you can’t put all your time and effort into lesson plans, you have to grade assignments too. Using a gradebook template is a great way to organize the grades of all the students in your class. With a lot of students and a lot of assignments you need to stay organized. This template is completely complimentary and can be downloaded below.

How to Use The Gradebook Template

Grading papers may not be easy or fun, but using a Excel spreadsheet template as a gradebook can make things a lot easier.

  1. In one column, write each student’s names. This gives each student his or her own row.
  2. Across the top row, write in assignment titles. This creates a column in each student’s row for the assignment.
  3. Fill in each student’s score for each specific assignment. All you have to do is look at the student’s name, find the box in their row that is under the column of the assignment you just graded.
  4. At the end of the assignments row, make another column for total points. That way, you can set up a function to add each student’s points together.excel gradebook template


With these four easy steps, you can have one document that keeps track of assignments, the grade on each assignment and the total points each student has for your class. Everything is accessible and easy to read.

Why is an Excel Gradebook Template Helpful?

By having all your data on one document, it is easy to see which students are struggling. If student A has 500 points but student B has 250 points, you know you need to have a talk with student B. It can make you a better teacher because it can help you prioritize your time helping students.

Keeping grading and paperwork organized is key to teaching a great class. Thanks to this extraordinary template, you will not have to worry about the paper work again. You will be able to focus on teaching and your students will thank you.

Download: Excel Gradebook Template

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