Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator


Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with millions of fans, players, and gamblers. Now you can enjoy the sport even more with a soccer simulator Excel template.

Soccer Simulator: The Computer Program

Excel is a program from Microsoft which allows the user to keep make numerical tables and keep track of statistics. The basic screen has rows and columns, which you can type in different categories, and it has the ability, with just a click on a button, to do complex mathematical problems. This program is free for the user to download.

Soccer Simulator: Manage Your Team

With the soccer simulator Excel template, you can manage your own team and players, placing statistics in each column, and using the information to best predict the winners of each game, and how well the players will do. This information can be helpful if you wish to gamble on a particular event, or tournament.

You can type in different schedules to help you keep track of when a team is playing, and who they are playing against. If you do your research, you can look up previous contests involving the teams, which may give you an idea of how they will do against each other in the future.

For instance, you will be able to keep track of each player’s goals, when they were made, against which opponents, and the date and stadium that the goals were in. If you’re really on the ball, so to speak, you can even keep track of how well a team plays at day or at night, or in sunny conditions or rain.

Using a soccer simulator Excel template will not only be able to give you bragging rights when your team wins, it may also help you in your bets with your friends and fellow soccer fans. Good luck in using the system.


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