Eredivisie Fixtures Template

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The Dutch Eredisivie is Holland’s top football/soccer league. The league features teams such as PSV Eindhoven, Ajax Amsterdam, Feyenoord and Herenveen. If you are a fan of European football, then the Eredivisie fixtures Excel template is the perfect item for you to download.

This Eredivisie fixtures template is great for those who want to keep track of what is going on in the league. It features an updated table, with positions for twenty teams that make up the league. There are sections for fixtures, a calendar, a log that shows the ups and downs for the top four teams, upcoming and previous match logs, and a weekly performance chart.

Using the Eredivisie Fixtures Template

This Eredivisie fixtures template can be downloaded on this page. When the file is opened, it will be updated through the internet. You will be able to access latest data about the teams that make up this league. If you have a particular team that you support, you can see how their recent fixtures have been shaping up. There are features in the template that allow you to access data relating to the top scorers and assist makers in the league, as well as the goalkeepers with the most clean sheets.

To make use of this Eredivisie fixtures template, make sure you take a look at all of the features. Once you have familiarized yourself with everything, it will take you a lot less time to go through everything. As soon as you open the template, you can see the information that is most relevant to you. For example, you can simply click on the month of October and see which fixtures will be played. Eredivisie fixtures for a specific date can also be accessed, giving you complete control over the happenings in the Eredivisie.

This season’s Eredivisie champions are Ajax Amsterdam. The Dutch giants are the country’s most successful team, but their recent title successes have come as a surprise. The team had failed to win a title for seven years, until they appointed Frank de Boer as their coach. The former Ajax, Barcelona and Netherlands player has been a revelation in the hot seat. The tactical adjustments and personnel changes he made have paid instant dividends, with the team winning the last three championships.

Keeping up with European soccer is not easy, as there are so many games played on a weekly basis. With this Eredivisie fixtures template, you will always be updated.

Download: Eredivisie Fixtures Template

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