Early Retirement Spreadsheet

Planning for an early retirement is an admirable and achievable goal with the free Early Retirement Spreadsheet. This free document will help you plan the ultimate path to achieving your dreams of retiring early. By listing a few key pieces of information, you could be well on your way to attaining this goal. The template will take you through your investments and expenses and show your likely savings and retirement funds over time. You can use the information this template gives you to plan for the future today. Download this template by clicking the link provided below.

How to Use the Early Retirement Spreadsheet

Start by listing your current age in the “Age Now” cell below. Next, in the investment, the table in the upper left-hand table on the page, the template will give you a few examples to start. However, you can change these at any time to include items that apply more directly to your financial situation.

Below the investments table is where you will enter your expenses. Skip this for now, as the template will calculate the totals of this table for you as an overview. The two large columns to the right of the template page is where you will enter your regular expenses in detail. The Template will take care of the rest for you.

In the areas highlighted in blue throughout the template, you will notice that all the calculations are done for you.

Taking all the information into account, the template shows how much you should have from all your investments, retirement funds, and the like for each year. As long as you stick to a strict budget and keep pace with the outlined plan, you will be able to retire at your desired age.

Now you can retire early with the Early Retirement Spreadsheet!

Why You Should Use the Early Retirement Spreadsheet

  • Accurate calculations are done for you.
  • Simple format allows for swift customization.
  • Printable.

Download: Early Retirement Spreadsheet

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